Saturday Soccer

Well it is Saturday and time for more spring soccer. Spring you say? Well it was so cold this morning some might just argue that season. We had 3 games today as it was double header weekend for the son. Yes we spent 3 hours out in the cold to play soccer but we didn't let it damper our mood at all.
Here is game one - with Sophie all wrapped up in her coat to play.

You'll notice that her coat is now under her jersey- yes we had to do some creative redressing on the sidelines to put that jacket underneath. Her coach seemed to have an issue to her wearing her jacket on top of her jersey even though the other team was doing it- oh well.

Next we hit Jack's game - we already put his sweat jacket under his jersey. The sun was starting to shine more but that dang wind sure kept it chilly.

And after 3 hours in windy, sunny, chilly soccer games this is how Jack felt..I'll admit it. I felt that way too.

Great game kiddo's. Now we have a week off with no practices or games next weekend- yeah it is spring break. Time to get tired by just playing all day with our friends who didn't go to the beach :)

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  1. We are winding up baseball season around here. Zack has made the travel team so we will go to Dubai the third weekend in April for that tournament. He still has the regular season to finish and an extra practice for the travel team. Plus, he has made the Badminton team at school. Anything that is keeping them active and learning to be a part of a team is a good thing so can't complain. Hope you're having a great Sunday. Many blessings, Tammy