It's Spring Break 2010

It's that time again, when college students head south.
Gone are the days of bikinis, baby oil, nasty hotel rooms, all night drive to get there, tequila, oysters in the half shell and running out of money. Ahh good times.
This spring break will be spent in a more family way. We get to spread more compost to get all the gardens looking like this- nice huh?
We'll be doing more of this too- yeah new roller blades .
Can you say need more band aids and icee pops to stop the pain?
We've got our little cousin coming in from Michigan for the weekend before he heads off to spend his spring break at the gotta get some cousin time going on.
We've got the little man's 7th birthday to do on Saturday- hmm how do you top a great big wheel like that?
And we have Easter to do on Sunday- yeah we do a big egg hunt in our yard and our neighbors yard with tons of eggs and then some nice brunch food. Like we wont' have tons of candy already in our bellies by then.
So, with all that going on you'll have to pardon me as I will need the week off from posting. I have a lot to do and many little kids to keep me busy. I'll still pop in and read other's posts but mine will have to wait a week.
So, until then you all have a great week-
hunt for lots of eggs-
craft away-
hug your little ones-
and hopefully have wonderful gardening weather.


  1. I love the pictures and hearing about your busy week! Stay safe and sane :)


  2. Wow! Have a wonderful, fabulous week!
    Sounds like it will be jam-packed with all sorts of wonderful fun!

    Ahhh Tequila. Long gone are those days. LOL

  3. Happy Easter! I think these kind of spring breaks are much more fun!

  4. Hi Tammy...your package went out today~priority mail. You should have it by Wednesday.

    Would You please let me know when it arrives and that if got there safely.

    Hope you have a FABULOUS Easter and Spring break with the family :)


  5. Sounds like you have a perfect week lined up. Your kids are simply adorable!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Spring Break! Enjoy! Many blessings, Tammy