Sophie's room

Well one of the big projects we did during the bloggy break was find the floor in this little girls room. She really can give the Tasmanian devil a run for his money in tearing up a place. I have never shown you the other rooms in our house so here goes.
Sophie's room. This is a large room. The built in bookcase you see below used to be a doorway to the other bedroom. During WWII the owners took in a boarder and she had one room and her child had the other. This doorway connected them. Once that time was over it was closed up and became a bookcase on either side of the wall.
We painted her room a girly pink on top then I did stripes on the bottom that coordinate with her bedding. That was a big deal- lots of tape and lots of time. Doubt I''ll ever do that again.
The artwork above the play kitchen was done by my sister. I'll show more on that tomorrow. She is amazingly talented.

There are the cubbies that took most of my break to we need some bins to put in there. Gotta hit up Target and Walmart for some fun colors. Notice the little tassel hanging from the ceiling fan? I also painted each back area of the shelves in the bookcase a different color. I think that is my fave as it is unexpected.

Here is the bed side of the room. She had to get the canopy from Ikea to hang over her bed. Notice the small dresser next to her bed? Another creation from my lovely talented sister. The tall white dresser was my mom's. I painted it white much to the horror of my father and then added glass knobs.
The bedding was made by me. I found this lovely, colorful blue print and the name of the design just happened to be - Sophia. So, it was fate - had to use it and all of the colors of the room came from it.
You can see my stripes there really well. Arrghhh I can still remember that mess.
Well that is it for that room..I'll show you the artwork from my sister Monday as I am busy all weekend.
Enjoy and see you Monday.


  1. Beautiful room! You did a great job. Love, love, love the stripes. I am sure it was very difficult to do, but so worth the outcome. I have always wanted to try stripes, but know I would not have the patience for it.

  2. Beautiful and girly! The stripes-- wow! That is some patience and determination!

    Isn't it funny how horrified people our parents' ages can be when they find out we (gasp) painted wood? Cracks me up :).

  3. it is a fun looking room, I love the wood floors and the bright pink wall color looks great with the crown molding

  4. Sophie has a positively, gorgeous room!!! I love the colors, the stripes, the canopy, the bookcase... everything!!! What a dream room!

  5. Tammy I am so glad I came over here to check out what you are doing with your home. This is delightful. I really love this shade of pink. I am a color freak. It isn't the typical pale or bubble gum pink. It is rich and sophisticated. Something you could still use when she is older. I can only imagine how long it took to put in all of those stripes and I really like the cubby thing. Is that the Ikea Expedite? I have one of those in my studio and it has worked out great - plus I am kind of proud that I put that piece together by MYself.

    I will be back to see that artwork. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Tammy, Just found your blog today and had to tell you I am smitten with your burlap lamp shade a la Heather Chadduck! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  7. I can't figure out how I came to find your blog - I'll have to backtrack long ways, I think!
    I'm your latest follower, as I love your upbeat attitude and ...O have to admit it....I can't resist a reno.

  8. Sophie's room is so girlie, so dainty, so beautiful! What a dreamy room for a little girl to play in.

    Looking forward to seeing your sister's painting- as you know I am her number 1 fan!

  9. I came over to let you know that my blog has moved and I would be ever so grateful if you would come to the new site and RE-sign up to follow me there.