Progress on the den

Well been busy painting and more painting. Here is a sneak peek...
Den/Family Room before- red upper walls with white wainscoting and dark leather sofas.
  During painting with primer gray on upper looks amazingly light and so much airier already. I took a picture of the gray as there tends to be a gray vibe going on in decor now but I think this gray is too blue for my liking- I could swing a barely there gray..but not this and it doesn't go with brown leather sofas either.

After with cup of cocoa on the upper walls. I like how much lighter it is and it seems bigger.

Now to just get the finishing touches done..not sure about the rug..but it is soft and kids play on it..
Need to find fabric for drapes.
Might want to paint that dark oval table in the background.
Gotta redo the cabinet for the TV (especially since moving the one we have now it sort of broke on the side..)
And looking for a smaller cabinet for the movies- we don't need that tall red one- too big.
Okay - back to work for me..


  1. Gorgeous love the color. I too tried the gray thing and i didn't work for me. ~lulu

  2. It's looking good! Great color choice. I can't wait to see the room when it's finished - - it's going to be fantasic.

  3. Wow! Love it so far....I'm a sucker for browns and taupes and beiges with white.

  4. When I saw the grey primer on the wall I thought that color would look nice. But, you are right, the beige is way better! Makes everything just pop. Nice

  5. That is looking great. It does look bigger and so much lighter!

  6. Love the coco color!! I will probably paint my walls this color too as I am also doing over my family room and was thinking about getting brown leather sofas, so I can't wait to see how your room turns out.

  7. Amazing what paint can do! Looks great.

    P.S. Loving the birdie painting from your sister!