Wreaths on Wednesday

Wreaths on Wednesday is being held at Cottage and Vine every Wednesday until Christmas.
It is a time to share your wreaths. So, join in and see if any inspire you or if you might be able to inspire others.
Welcome to our house: this is the front door wreath. 
This is the wreath on the front gate. Word to the wise though, the strands of red beads that are sold at JoAnn and Michaels are not for the outdoors and elements. The beads swell up and then shed their red color and make a mess. Let my mistake teach you okay?


This is our indoor front door wreath. The dining room is all white so the wreath coordinates. 

This is a wreath I bought from the Promise Store here in NC. It is handmade with honeysuckle vine and the most amazing items added to it. It is my "primitive" wreath that is used in the family room.

Here is a close up of the signage on it. Wonderful. Check out her web page she has some amazing items : thepromisestore.com
  And lastly here is the wreath in the "candy cane" theme kitchen.

Now go join the others and be inspired.


  1. Tammy,
    You have many wreaths and they are all great !

  2. Tammy, I love how your wreaths have a natural feel. They look great! Thanks so much for linking!

  3. One is cuter then the next one!

  4. WOW you create AMAZING wreaths!
    Love your blog too!