Christmas 2009 Home Tour

Hi, my name is Jack and I live at the Yarborough House. My sister did the last tour so it is my turn. Woo hooo!!! Gentlemen start your engines..oops wrong thing.

Welcome to my festive Christmas house.

Lets head through the gate. Mom made the wreath and it lights up at night. Cool huh?

Up the stairs - be careful don't trip. Here is her favorite wagon- why I don't know as it is falling apart and we aren't allowed to play with it so how much fun can it be? She decorates it and even puts plants in it. Whatever.

Here is another wreath. She sure likes Christmas. Dang it I forgot to move the broom. Don't tell her or she'll go do another picture and we'll never get done.

Here is the porch tree. It is all done with primitive stuff. That means old looking, grungy looking stuff. She likes it so it is cool. She even put a sled as the topper instead of a star. That is different.

This stand is always on the porch and she does different stuff on it all the time. Sometimes I even put my cars and army men on it..don't tell her okay?

More displays she does..they are everywhere I tell you. She tells us that the pot that it is in is called a chamber pot- we call it the pee pot :)

Here is one of 4 of these grapevine -pokey- trees. She loves them. We keep them up year round with their white lights but at Christmas time they get some fun red berries.
Here is the bird house on our porch. Silly thing the birds won't make a house in it - they drive my mom crazy and make their nest behind the speakers- every year the same birds.

Okay here is the front door shot..pretty nice huh? Yeah she works hard at this stuff.
Here is the wreath on the front door. It used to be part of a Cowboy Santa but he fell apart so mom used the sign parts for the wreath. Now come on in y'all.

Glad you are in - it is getting a bit chilly there. Maybe we'll get some snow. Doubt it though.

Here is our inside wreath. Mom said since daddy was going to the war this Christmas that she wanted a white room to be soothing and relaxing. I don't know about all that but it sure feels like a winter place to me.

Here is her tree - she adores this. She would not let us help with it at all. This whole room was her baby. That is fine with me it took her too long to do I think.

Isn't that a big tree? Yep it usually is her primitive tree but not this year. It is the relaxing soothing tree- haha
Here is the hutch- it is all lit up and white also. There are snowflakes everywhere in this room. She might even buy more she said- well it might be the only snow we get in NC.

Here is the fireplace.

Here is a close up of a bowl of ornaments - they kinda look like snowballs. Except they aren't cold or wet or outside. Hmmmm

Here is the light - or chandelier I think and yes more snowflakes hanging above our head.

This is a spindle tree she made and then some cute little snowmen. They look old she said- oh she said to say - vintage not old. And my aunt (mom's sister Trisha) made my mom that garland last year for Christmas. Mom loves it.

Here is a close up of the "vintage" snowmen.
Okay now we're going into the room that really counts. The den. It is the room we did the tree and the room that Santa comes to visit and the presents go in here too. Yes we LOVE this room. See how big the tree is. She put bows on top - which is gross for boys but she said it is okay for Christmas time. Ok I guess we'll let them be.

Here is our side table. It has the big jar that usually holds the nest we found outside with the broken robins eggs. Mom says she'll put them back as soon as Christmas is done. So she put bells in there. We also have the jar of M&M's - yeah love those things. And look at the weird snowman head.

Here is baby Jesus and his stable. Isn't it mean that the hotels didn't have a place for Jesus to be born. I would let him be born in my house. My sister keeps playing with all the pieces so they look different each day. She is doing a Christmas play this year and she gets to be an angel. ( She isn't a real angel though Mom says she is the princess of darkness sometimes),

Here is one of my mom's favorite wreaths. A friend of hers made it and she is very careful with it. The lantern will break. And see how big those bells are ? Wowza.

Here is a close up of what it says. How true is that ? Right?

Here are some ornaments that mean a bunch to us. This one my Aunt Trisha painted when daddy was gone to Iraq.

This one she painted while we were at Pope a long time ago..before I was even born. My daddy used to fly A-10s

This is my big brother Jon when he was in kindergarten. Cool how it is made with puzzle pieces.
Here is the princess

Here I am at the age of 4 in pre-k. Handsome feller my mom says :)

Here is my big brother. He is in college now - wow he used to be small like me.

Here is our DVD cabinet. Mom even put stuff on top of it. She put our cowboy Santa up there. We got him in Texas.

Here is our hallway chalkboard. Mom leaves us notes or we write our own on there. She of course had to decorate it. We hang our advent - candy - calendars under it. Here is our metal countdown. You move a lever and the days till Christmas change in that window.

Here is mom's new kitchen. It took them a long time but she LOVES it. I see her just staring at it sometimes. I like it too.

See that floor? We couldn't walk on it for days.

She even hung a wreath on the chalkboard.

Here is the little tree on the island. I keep hitting it when I hide at the end of the island playing my DS.

More trees and candy canes.

I thought this was a coat rack she made then she said it was for pots and pan. Weird.

Well that is the end of the tour. Normally it is much more but with daddy gone to war she didn't want to do every room. She said she'd have no help putting it away. We also didn't get our icicle lights on the house because only daddy is brave enough to get on the roof to do them. Oh well there is always next year. Well I gotta go - it is my bedtime. Hope you liked my tour.

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  1. What a lovely home you have...your little guy did a great job giving this tour :)

  2. Thanks for the tour, Jack! Tell your Mommy that she sure is talented - ok?

  3. Tammy, Having Jack give the tour was cute. I love your sparkly tree with the silver and the snowflakes. And all those snowmen? Oh I am in envy. I need to start collecting more.
    Everything just looks so warm and inviting- I know that sounds cliche, but your home is truly a place for your family. I loved seeing it all.
    hugs, Sue

  4. Thanks for the tour Jack! Tell your mom she did a beautiful job and I love her relaxing soothing room ;)

    Be good while your dad's gone, okay? And keep an eye on that sister of yours :)


  5. Oh my word, I love the tree on the porch!!! Fabulous!! :) Visiting from Rhoda's. :)

  6. I love the white theme - it really looks fantastic. And all the candy canes are giving me a sugar craving!

    Hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog today and enter my children's Christmas book giveaway.

  7. I just love your home. That snowy room is so pretty. I don't usually see that in other prim homes. I love all the white in your kitchen and the beadboard. I'm kinda making my own prim style with a little of this and that. I like farmhouse decorating minus the animals prim/colonial. I'm also an AF Wife, stop by my blog sometime.


  8. What a wonderful holiday home! Love it all ~ especially the candy cane items and those "vintage" look snowmen. Too cute how you showed it all thru the eyes of a child ~ too funny! Your kitchen is wonderful, especially that painted floor!

    I've also linked up to several parties so please come visit all my holiday home tour posts when you get a chance!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. You tell your mama that she has the touch :) I so enjoyed all her decor, and love when I can get sneak peeks into her home!

  10. You kids are cute. You are lucky to have a mommy who enjoys preparing your home for Christmas.

  11. How beautiful! I love the Christmas decorations (especially all of the white and snowflakes) but enjoyed getting a sneak peak into your house and new kitchen too! The flooring in there is awesome!

  12. Tammy, Wow, what gorgeous decorations you have, love it all. You have decked your halls out totally. Thanks so much for joining the party! Merry Christmas!

  13. Everything is amazing! I LOVE your porch tree. I must have a porch tree now! ;o) Thanks for such wonderful inspiration!

  14. Beautiful eye candy! Thanks for the tour!

  15. oozing with character, so wish I was in an old house!!!

  16. Beautiful home and beautiful family! You have so many wonderful charming touches throughout your house. You had me hooked with the front porch tree! Happy Holidays!