Another homemade-to Afghanistan Gift

Here is another homemade gift. It is for our daddy. He leaves on Wednesday for Afghanistan and he won't be home for Christmas. So, we do our advent calendar but we wanted him to have something nice to open each day. It is a garland and we did little bags with goodies from all of us inside.
Hope you like it daddy- and be safe.
Josh, Jon, Jack and Sophie

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  1. What a lovely gift. Thanks for joining this week.

  2. So glad you will get to enjoy a few gifts with him before he goes. I wish him a safe return.

  3. What a great gift for him. Thank you and your family for your sacrifice. I hope daddy/hubby comes home safe & sound.

  4. how precious. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and quick return home for your Daddy!

  5. Thanks for the sacrifices your family has made for our country. You are in our prayers for a safe deployment.

    Liz in GA

  6. Tammy, thanks for your comments! I have loads of those house numbers and would be happy to send you three for yours. Contact me by e-mail and we can work it out.