trisha's stools

Well my sister got this enamel topped table from a yard sale next door. It had been given legs that were coffee table height at sometime and she wanted it for her kitchen island to slide stools under and eat at. Well what do you do? You rip off the old legs and get some porch spindles from the pile and put them on. Then you paint the legs red to go with her kitchen.
Then you need two stools that will work and slide underneath to keep out of the way in the kitchen when not in use. Hmmm what do you do? Well you hit your big sisters stash of yard sale/auction furniture and find two stools the exact height. But they need some "tammy tweaking". Yeah that's it we'll add cushions to go with the curtains and bulletin board in the kitchen.
Voila !! Cushions with ribbons to tie them on and buttons to finish it all off.
So, table for an island - check
stools to sit on and slide underneath said table - check
cushions for said stools - check
A job well done and finished.
Now onto the reupholstery job of her 2 chairs for the living room makeover. The fun never stops :) Love you little sister.


  1. Cute seat covers. And I love enamel topped tables. Nice find!

  2. Beautiful! I want to find an enamel top table for my craft those cushions, I have that waverly fabric stashed somewhere :o)

  3. That is so neat, I love how you made it work. You are so creative!

  4. I love how the table and stools turned out!! I didn't know you were going to make cusions. They look great on the stools, you know I love that fabric. My kitchen is going to look so awesome. THANKS a BUNCH!! :)

  5. Tammy, looks great. I wish I had your creativity.

    Love, Mom

  6. Cute project! Thrifty and creative, too!

  7. I hope you post some updates once it's in her kitchen. Super adorable! Love the pattern on the cushions.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS #5!

    Funky Junk Donna

  8. This is very cute. I like how you tied the pads on--kind of looped them around.

  9. I love these... just beautiful. I followed your link over from Bliss Guild. I lived my teenage years in a house built in 1920 that my parents restored, so I loved reading your profile. I so empathize with "the list keeps getting longer and longer." That's how it is with really old homes... but they're worth it.