One last show before bedtime

It's soooo cold and windy and rainy outside so Sophie decided it was best to be on the sofa wrapped in a nice throw and watching Noggin. Sounds good doesn't it? But I wondered how my garden was getting ready for its long winter nap
Well after hours of rain and some very windy times from lovely Ida our poor block looks like 
this. Leaves everywhere. Ahh fall has fallen.

But Ida couldn't blow away the last flowers. They are determined to shine a bit, they aren't ready to sleep yet. Shine on dear friends - shine on.
One last lovely Dahlia.

The lone gardenia bloom.

My climbing rose still trying to climb that picket fence.

Ahh the hydrangea. My love of all of them..She is still blooming and hanging on. Love this blue bloom.
And here is a small bud- I don't think it will have time to bloom before it is time to nap.

Here are the hydrangea blooms from summer - changed to their pink color. 

The Queen Elizabeth - she seems so quiet now. 

Look at these azaleas. The encore ones just seem to bloom much nicer in fall. 

Even the eggs and ham lantana is still thriving.

The lantana just went wild and overtook the front bed.

No more gallardias, no more coneflowers, no more salvia it must be close...
The vine on the arbor is still pushing out flowers. Seems they are pushing more out now than all summer long.

It is okay lovely garden. You worked hard all spring and summer. You provided me with tons of happiness and lots of hours of enjoyment. Now it is time to rest. Go ahead take that long deserved nap. I will see you again in the spring.


  1. Lovely post. Isn't it funny how our families are used as props in our blogs as they go about their regular routines? I had to giggle when I saw the sweet little thing ready for her nap, then "snap" photo opportunity (giggle)!

  2. wow -- sure wish i lived near you so or vice versa - i need some help with my black thumb in my backyard - hydrangeas are my favorite and i can't seem to keep mine alive! beautiful flowers!

  3. Tammy, if this is what your garden looks like as it says "Nitey, nite" for Winter, well, you haven't seen a sad looking Fall garden. I'd post pics of mine, but I try to keep my blog upbeat and pretty.

    Your flowers, even as they say goodnight, are gorgeous!

    Have a sweekend. (typo, but it's sweet and weekend all in one!)

  4. You still have lots of lovely blooms. Enjoy!

  5. My lantana went wild too. I am looking forward to winter so I can chop it back a little and I have big plans for planting Hygrangias.