What has todays world turned into?

What kind of neighborhood do I live in? My kids and dad had been collecting large pine cones for me to use for decorations. I had them in a basket next to the kids bikes outside or our screen room. Damn if someone didn't come up my driveway and pick through them all and steal the big ones. Who does that? What a sucky start to a day. Fortunately, my dad can probably get me some more. I mean how crappy is that? They didn't steal the lawnmower or the kids bikes or the iron patio table that is out there drying after being painted - no they took pine cones..what a loser.


  1. Since it was just the big pinecones, your culprit might be a cute little squirrel. Those cunning thieves like pine nuts and the bigger cones would have better nuts.

  2. I'll think positive and go with what Marti said.

    But I know it wasn't the squirrels who took the two big gates we were going to put up...to keep stuff on our property from walking off.

    So we got Sunny. He's afraid of squirrels but loves to patrol the fence line!


  3. That sucks! Dad got some for me, you can grab as many as you need. I am sure I have more than enough. :) Of course, I better go home and make sure no one stole mine.

  4. Amazing what depths folks will sink to!!! I'm hoping it was squirrels!!! :D Jewel

  5. I couldn't help but giggle when I read your post... maybe you should set some kind of trap!

  6. Hi Tammy :)

    I hope it was squirrels too, but boy does that suck! I hope you can get more :)

    The kitchen is looking fantastic! I love those shelves for the glasses. You and I are both having a hard time trying to finish up projects, huh? I walk in there and walk back out because I know the mess it will be when I start back up again. I just don't have the stomach for it at the minute, nor the energy. I think I may go lay down now just thinking about it... oh wait I can't because I still have to go to the grocery and there's a FB game tonight... ugh. LOL

    Ah well.... I hope you and your family are better now.


  7. LOL.I don't think it was a squirrel- I think it was a jealous crafter--who wanted all your goods and ideas!!! Oh that just stinks --sorry girl.