Wednesday's goings ons

Is it Wednesday again? This has been one very busy week for me. A yard sale with neighbors on Saturday. A trip to Ikea on Monday with my mom to buy an apron front sink and faucet for the kitchen reno. Then waiting for the cabinets to be delivered yesterday - only to have one of them being ordered wrong. Not bad out of 13 though. Today refinishing a stool and 3 chairs. So, sorry I am posting this late- I forgot. Terrible excuse I know, but here goes.
I ran across this neat cookie sheet calendar at Twice Remembered's Monday party. It is by Erika at Oops I craft my pants off. Isn't that a great blog name?


Then another one that I have seen several places in blogland are these ADORABLE bottle snowmen..aren't they just to die for?
They are made by Joan at Anything Goes Here

And the last one are these amazing roman shades made using mini blinds..Now why did I get rid of the dang mini blinds ? I could be making these. Seriously, look at what Jenny from my little green notebook did it is amazing.
Well that is it for this weeks Wednesday's goings ons...hope you find something to inspire you.
Now back to trying to find my iron ons that I seem to have misplaced- oh yeah I'll admit it - I LOST THEM!!! arrrghhh hate it when that happens.


  1. Those crafts are great! I'm thinking the roman shade from the mini blind might be something I can use!

    Glad your cabinets came. I guess they just had to mix one up! Hope it gets straightened out soon.

  2. Thanks for stopping in over at my blog!

    Ok, first --those snowman were awesome, I saw them too..and about melted that I'm not that creative.
    Second-- I totally love what you are doing with your floor. It looks amazing. I would like to try something like that, but with 3 long haired cats I think I'll be polying hair into the floor!!! LOL

    Happy Yard Sale hunting!!

  3. PS..I want your bungalow house...ummm.. too, too sweet!

  4. It turns out my kitchen sink is some mutant gigantore sink... 47 inches across - so the Ikea apron sink won't fit anyway.


    Next step, research pouring my own sink with concrete & forms.

    Oh, and they won't ship the Foto pendant that I want. Bastages!!!

  5. Cute calendar! And those snowmen are adorable.

    All the best,

  6. Hey, stopped by when I saw you had become a follower and look what I found! My snowmen! Thanks for featuring them! I am honored! Happy soon to be weekend!