Kitchen remodel continues...mondays edition

The kitchen remodel continues. Well I was able to get into the kitchen today to clean up after the weekend mess. Gotta love hubby for doing the work but he does not clean up after himself like a paid contractor does. :)
Oh well. I managed to get stuff in certain areas. I moved in an old thrift store buffet I bought to use as an island until I order the cabinets for that. And got the microwave out of my craft room onto a counter. It will eventually go in the island but for now it works where it is.
It is not pretty but it is functional and it is way easier to wash dishes here than in the bathroom's tiny sink.
We still have to run the wiring for the vent hood and hang the cabinet over the stove. The wiring is proving to be difficult as it comes up from the basement and there is a fire break that we need to get through. Gotta love 80+ year old homes.
The wall where the board is covered with paper will eventually be where I hang my pots and pans and above will be a piece of art- what ? not sure will have to see what gets my attention at that point.

Going to either paint that door or put in a screen door. It is the door to the laundry/pantry.
Not sure yet. Shelves will line these walls for all my dishes to be placed. Can't wait to get the bead board up so the brackets can go up then the shelves. The fridge needs to have a box built around it but that may have to wait until after Afghanistan..we'll see if I can push this along faster.


  1. Your kitchen re-do is looking awesome! You must be so excited! The kitchen is my next big project but frankly, I'm dreading the mess and all the decisions I need to make because I don't have a clue what I want to do in there, aside from wanting white cabinets. :)

  2. Your kitchen is turning out fabulous. I love all of it so far and what you describe just sounds wonderful. I know you are anxious, but it looks gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh my word!!!! Your floors are beautiful !!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's all looking so pretty~your kitchen is going to be fantastic!

  5. Tammy -
    Your kitchen is looking fantastic!
    ~ Heather

  6. I just found your blog and I LOVE your home. Your kitchen is awesome.. you guys are so talented. I dream of having an older home just like yours one day!

  7. Aside from the kitchen layout, design and aesthetics are also extremely important when remodeling your kitchen. This is the step where you decide what colors, finishes and textures will be enhancing your kitchen. It is always a good idea to think in the future when selecting unique aesthetics because you don’t want your new design to negatively affect you when its time to sell the house.

  8. WOW! It looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished results. :)