This is what I have been doing instead of blogging

Well don't think I have been neglecting my blog for nothing..Because I have spent the past two days doing my kitchen floor. First I had to sand it all- and because I am afraid of big power tools I did it all with the handheld orbital sander- that hurt. I still have bruised palms :(
Then I had to tape all the squares off. And of course as with any project I ran out of tape so had to stop then hit Lowes early morning for more tape. I mean what would a project be if you didn't have to stop midway and go to the hardware store?

Then finally came the fun part. I got to put on that kettle black paint from valspar. I got porch paint since I figured it was a floor. This is only after one coat. Today I get to put on the second coat then let it dry really good for about a day. Saturday night I think I will distress it a bit then cover it up. Monday the gas company gets to come put in the gas line for our new dual fuel stove so the stove needs to be in here. I know they will mess up the floor a bit so figured better to wait and do the poly till after they screw up the floor. That way I can fix the scratches then poly.
Well off to do another coat- enjoy your Friday everyone.


  1. I want to do my floors like this, but without all the work. Think you could pop by and do mine? (wink wink)

    It's going to look fantastic, Tammy!

  2. That is going to be one beautiful floor when you finish and yes I always run out of some item during a project but I figure it gives me a break:)

  3. I can not wait to see the completed process, I know it is going to look fabulous!!

  4. I love your checkerboard cool. I think you may have given me an idea for our stairs that I'm pulling the carpet off of. Thanks! :-)

  5. I'm holding my breath!!! can't wait to see it finished!! Hurry Up girl...Going to be awsome, xoxo~Kathy~@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. Brave lady! I can't wait to see it finished. I bet it will be stunning!

  7. It's lookin' great, Tammy! You've been working so hard on your kitchen. You'll be so proud (and maybe a little bit tired:) when you are finished.

    Can't wait to see it all done!

  8. Its going to look Fabulous! I cant wait for the reveal.

  9. Wow! I can't wait to see final pics. You are nothing short of amazing!


  10. looks like a huge job but will be so worth it in the end- can't wait to see it all finished!! really cool!

  11. Do you know how much I love you right now? I mean, I've just found you and already I love you! I'm going to do this to my kitchen (before I die) and now I'll know how to do it!

    Martha from Elizabeth Hill