a trip to NC - surprise

Well as you know we are stationed in Texas.  Our home was rented out to what we thought were good people. Man did they fool us and the property manager.  To describe the tenant I'd say: whiney, delusional, bitchy, arrogant and just plain cray cray.  They signed a 2 year lease but after 10 months of driving the property manager and us crazy we offered them an early out if they chose to.  They did thank heavens.  But I had to fly back and do a walkthrough to determine the many damages and unauthorized changes she did.  

As the inspection was to take place on May 1 after they vacated I figured I'd make it a weekend trip and take in the Cameron Antique Fair also.  I also planned on surprising Sophie and taking her along.  

I'd say we surprised her.  haha

She was so excited to be flying.  See she is having fun here at RDU..

Once there she had to meet up with her girlie friends.  She has missed these crazy lemon heads so much.  Crazy girls, pizza and moms with cameras..Yep that is a recipe for cray cray.

Her other love was that she got to have McDonalds biscuits and gravy for breakfast. 

We also got to see Grandma and Aunt Trisha and her big brother Jon came in for the weekend.  

We went strawberry picking at Gross Farms. Nothing like green fields of fresh strawberries.  Things this part of dead Texas doesn't have. 

Crazy family right there..haha

We picked over 13 pounds of strawberries.  Couldn't take them on the plane trip home so Jon made out like a bandit and took them all back to his apartment. 

We hated leaving. I mean hated it.  Can't wait till the end of June to see them all again. 

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