christmas 2014

Christmas time and in Texas.  With our base house space is limited and throwing in a Christmas tree made it even more tight.  We used our skinny tree and decided to do it much more simpler than normal.  To give us something to do, Sophie and I created a tree paper chain garland out of all our Christmas scrapbook paper.

The college boys came home for two weeks.  The little ones were so excited to see them.  I don't know if the big brothers realize how much Sophie and Jack miss them and how hard it is on them to be so far from them.  It was very hard for them to go from living in the same house with them to living across the country and only seeing them at Christmas time.

Here Jon is doing what any teen does best...sleeping.

Jack and Sophie waiting at the top of the stairs until they can come down on Christmas morning..they are eager - although tired- to see what Santa left.

Toy time.

The college boys are not so good in the morning haha

Jon finding out what his friends were up to during break.

Josh's turn to do the teen thing- sleep.

Here's to Christmas 2013 !!!

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