advent calendars ...with some help

We do advent calendars.  Usually those cheap cardboard ones from World Market.  You know the ones?  The ones that you open the tiny door to a piece of chocolate.

This year to help break the utter boredom that is called being stationed at a terrible place, Sophie and I decided to make some.

First we started with two cardboard frame type things that held 24 drawers.  We painted the outsides.

Next we addressed the drawer fronts by cutting and gluing on different scrap book papers to the fronts.

Yes, the girl gets excited when she is allowed to play with sharp objects..haha

Lots of gluing and scraps everywhere.  I never said it was a non-messy project did I?

Next came the stamping part.  We had to stamp the 24 dates on each drawer.

The finished project.

I think my little helper did an amazing job.  Now it is my job to fill with surprises. 

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