disney trip 2013

Disney World.  Can two words mean more to a kid?  Not my kids.  We have gone several times with older boys, boys and pregnant with Sophie, boys and sick Sophie, and now two younger kids.  We made our reservations early while still living in NC.  We always go end September/beginning October.  But since we moved to Texas the kids started school for two weeks then missed a week.  Oh well, who cares?  It is Disney World after all.
We always stay at the military hotel - Shades of Green.  It is amazing.  And we get there early so we can play in the pool while we wait to check in.  The kids love the pool. They are such fish.

Oh yea, an action shot by Sophie.

Now one by Jack..

Day 1 is always at Magic Kingdom.  Yes they are sporting our family Mickey shirts - UT style.

This is Jack so excited after the Goofy roller coaster...he is going again.

This by far is my favorite ride in Disney - the Buzz Lightyear Blaster.  Love it.

The lobby of the hotel has this wonderful big Mickey to use for photo props.  We do it every time.

Off to our second day at Magic Kingdom.  That park has the most rides so it takes us two visits to do it justice. 


Midday at  Magic Kingdom and it rained.  It poured actually but we learned from one of our previous trips to bring good raincoats as the cheaply made, expensive ponchos the park sells are crappy.

Even the rain can't keep you down when you have Stitch from Lilo & Stitch goofing off with you.

Another day we hit up the Rock-n-Roller Coaster.  Sophie was excited she was finally tall enough to ride it...but her dad did not tell her it went in a loop.  When she found out they were so far up the line she couldn't get out of it.  She was not happy and cried the whole ride.  I doubt she will ever get on that ride again.

I felt so sad for her..I mean look at that face.  I did make her happy afterwards but unfortunately she will never trust her dad again.

We all hit Downtown Disney one night - the kids went every night to play at the Quest.   But this trip we just went as family to play and eat and sight see.
First stop was the Lego store.  Ok I build the sets with the boys but this is well beyond my capabilities.  :)

One evening we went back to Magic Kingdom to watch the parade.  Not really the kids thing but  I enjoyed it.

Mary Poppins is one of my fave characters.

This is my big boy- Jon's best friend from his younger days.  He had so many Woody dolls.  One was life size and went everywhere with us.

One day we spent some time at Animal Kingdom.   We took the safari ride. I love hippos.

And giraffes?  Whats not to love?

And Elephants are so large but so gentle.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been intrigued with flamingos.

Epcot was a great stop too.

Typhoon Lagoon is always a fun day..I mean October and playing at a warm water park..how cool is that?

The kids were excited to go on the snorkeling thing.  They felt old enough to try it this time.

Sophie started to panic using the breathing tube..She just couldn't get the hang of it so she stopped.

It was an amazing day. 

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