apartment living - close quarters

 Moving from a big 3200 sq ft house to a 600+ sq ft apartment has made us realize how good we had it.  :)  Kirk had to be in Texas in April.  We didn't come out till end of June once school and graduation was done.  He just wanted an apartment close to base, cheap and clean. 
He got what he wanted.  I will say he thought the apartment was just for him since we thought we'd have a base house before we came..he knew this would not be my standards. :)

After 3 days on the road we drove in and I can honestly say the car went into complete silence.  We were stunned.  My 10 year old said- "Is this where we will live?  It looks like the hood."
And it did.  We moved from this house:

To this: second floor on the left. 

I was disappointed, they were devastated and we were all burning up - it was 101.  I said - hey it is temporary and it might be better inside.
Enter our LR/DR/Kitchen - I did say it was a 2 bedroom and only 600+ sq feet remember?

Oh look you can see the itty bitty kitchen there in the distance - like maybe 12 feet away :)  Boone, our dog is photo bombing all over- but hey it is a small place.

Furniture is at a minimum for size and also moving wise.  Most of it is for our sons' college apartment and will be moved to Appalachian in a week. Lovely IKEA sectional - perfect as it also turns into a full sized bed - the college freshman slept here a few days till he took off for the Grandparents house on the lake for a few weeks.  Poor him.

That is my drop leaf table being used as a place for me to blog and also an entertainment center of sorts.  It does provide a good deal of space to store boxes underneath.  I know you are asking what that lovely artwork on the wall is- well it is a printout of the T-38 cockpit.  Kirk
has to practice on it..yeah that is how we roll here :)

I knew I'd need a comfy seat to just sit in and read - well since there isn't much else to do or room to do much else.   I'm contemplating trying the fabric paint by Annie Sloan on this chair when we move in.  If it doesn't work then I'm not out much as I wanted to reupholster it
anyway. And yes we do use the dog food container as an end table.  Don't judge- it is called multipurpose :)

I'm sure you've seen little kitchens but have you seen a tiny, almost playhouse sized kitchen?  You have now.  The table and chairs are the boys also.  The table was built - it has a drop leaf on the back side so IF they get adventurous and cook a meal for friends it can open and add more chairs.  The chairs are from the mecca for college apartments- IKEA.

There are two bedrooms.  This is the bigger one and it has a half bath- we knew it had to go to the kids as they needed more room to play.  We have the bed and then also a mattress underneath that we pull out at night. Boone sleeps here too.

We totally made sure we had room in the truck to move the little farm table for their computer.  We needed something to entertain them.  And we gave them Kirk's dresser to hold clothes in and an Xbox on top. (Yep awesome parents - we are using cardboard boxes for our clothes. )

It is such a romantic bedroom - Please let me be delusional- it is how we get through this adventure.  I'm sure everyone has a printer in their room and uses your son's computer boxes as your end tables.  And yes our bed is just the mattress on the floor.  For the record it is much harder to get up all night long to use the bathroom from such a low level.

It is an  adventure.  I will say - the area is not nice looking but the residents of the apartments have been some of the nicest people we have met.  They are helpful, caring, friendly and very nice.  We learned a good lesson- things are rarely as bad as they look and that the looks do not define the person.  I think this was a good thing- now the kids and myself will truly appreciate our home when we get back to NC. Its like they say-
Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it is gone.

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