a pink-a-palooza ~ Sophie's bunkbed

I know it has been a long time since my last post.  Our move, renting out our lovely home, saying goodbye to NC, and now living in our temporary 2 bedroom apartment while waiting for base housing has kept me busy.  We have about a month until we move into our new place so I figured I'd finish off our home projects and tour which will lead us to all the new projects to come on this adventure in TEXAS.
Our daughter, Sophie is such a girlie girl but throw in some dirt, mud and tomboy and you have her.  A princess who plays in the mud.  Her room needed to be redone and she chose to go with Teal, Zebra and Hot pink.
First thing- bunk bed time.  It's the Ana White's Side Street bunk bed plans.  She had to have them the same as her brother did.  Hubby built it with Ana White's plans.  They are some heavy bunk beds- Ana White does not make shabby stuff.

Now,  she of course was not up to doing orange like her brother, Jack.  So, hot pink was the color of choice.  Painting is so my job.  It took three coats to cover that raw wood.

We had to take it up a notch.  She had to incorporate her zebra in it.  We decided to upholster the headboards with padded zebra.

Stapled it all on, then hubby framed it out with molding in pink.

Here it is all finished. Teal, zebra and hot pink.

Hubby thought he was done but no...Sophie decided her American Girl Doll needed a matching bed.  Yes, he whipped out one for her too.  But I left the painting up to Sophie.  I told her I painted my baby's bed and she could paint her baby's.

Two awesome beds in an awesome room.

Stay tuned for other pieces in this pink-a-palooza room make over.

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