a dresser ~ ombre style

A pink-a-palooza room needs a dresser.  Sophie can never do anything easy, it always takes some hard thinking and tweaking.  She wanted ombre of her teal wall colors.

Started out with a plain dresser.

Next I painted the frame her darker wall color.

Then it got sticky, hard, difficult, frustrating- you get the picture.  It makes more sense in hindsight that I should have picked a paint chip with the gradual color changes on it and got maybe a sample size of each color.  But NOOOO I had to do it the hard way.  I took the two colors and tried - key word here is tried - to mix them in gradual mixtures to achieve a hombre gradient effect.

Getting three to show variations was easier but getting it to vary over 5 drawers was almost impossible.  I kept having to add more dark, then more light to the point I almost burned it all :)

After many trials, tribulations and some bad language it was finished.

I think it turned out fine- what do you think?

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