leaving north carolina - just for 2 years

Its that time.  Time for this family to pack and load up and head on down the road to Texas.  Hubby has the chance to get back in the cockpit again.  He gave up the plane to chair fly so we could get the two big boys graduated in NC.  Time for his dream to continue. We are leaving for 3 years and I'm building it as an adventure for the little kids.  We are renting our house out and moving to base housing for our adventure.  It will be hubby, me, and younger kids plus dog in Texas.  Unfortunately for this worried mama- the two older boys will remain in
North Carolina.Jon said goodbye to his job at the nursery- Big Bloomers.

We all went and had lunch at Josh's new job- the Red Sofa.  He is assistant chef there so we stopped by to say goodbye.  Hate leaving him there with us all gone.

Then we said goodbye for now to our belongings..

Until Texas....

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