strawberry love...delicious

Its strawberry season here in North Carolina. We love it when this season happens.  The kids, especially the princess are lovers of fruit.  So it rocks when we can pick it and it is so much cheaper and healthier.

They each filled their full bucket.  I also filled one.  Yes, we got over 15 lbs of strawberries. 

 Jack loves strawberries that are warmed by the sun.  He eats more this way than once they
 are at home.

 The rows are loaded with berries.  See how Jack is overseeing to make sure that Sophie gets the "right" ones.

 One last check to make sure there isn't a real big one still out there.

One last berry for the road.Gosh I love strawberry season.  I love the berries.  But more than that - I love watching my kids eat them and get so excited to pick them.Summer is wonderful in North Carolina.  I am going to miss this wonderful state for the next three years.

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