{ halloween recap }

Was I the only one not in the mood to decorate for Halloween? 
 It makes no sense if you know me at all.  Christmas is my fave decorating time but Halloween is almost neck and neck.  This year however, I was in no mood.  I almost didn't do it at all but then it would have been a rip off for these two. 

I mean look at them, my gory two of the dead.
This is why I did it - for them.  
And once it was done and all the neighborhood people told us how much they love our house it made me realize that I don't do it for me- I do it for the kids to enjoy.  Next year it won't be an issue..Heck I already ordered more gore at 50% off from Grandin Road.  

Jack is so much easier than Sophie- he just loves a good mask and his clothes.  Sophie, on the other hand, knows her mama can sew so she comes up with an elaborate plan every year. Nothing like buying expensive fabric only to bring it home and shred it for a costume.  OH well they both looked amazing.  


Now bring on Christmas decorating please.  

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