{ Been down and out for the count }

It's true. 
 I went under the knife for vain reasons and am paying the huge painful price. 
Anyone who says beauty isn't painful is a dead liar. ha ha
I am recovering from a tummy tuck surgery and thus nothing and I mean NOTHING is happening here.  
I have let 4 large babies and over 18 years kill this body so was time to do something about it and take it back.  

I will be doing some small projects this season (as that is all I can handle).  I am going to make these for my kids.  

A cute little advent calendar by maya*made.  I'll be sure to share it when finished.  

And I have also been getting tons of awesome ideas from Folk Lifestyle the online blog. 
You will love getting their daily updates in your email..go visit them now.  I promise you'll love them.

what's on your to-do list this season? 


  1. Take it easy! Can't wait to see your advent calendar when you're done!


  2. Ooh girl, I know what you mean. I had my girls reduced because of back and neck problems and that was some major surgery. Had no idea it would be so painful for a good three weeks. Took 6 months until I was back to normal.

    That being said, I never regretted it after the third day!

    Feel better!! Can't wait to see the new, improved Tammy!


  3. this is so simple and yet so lovely...love that!!
    I hope you recover quickly!!

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
    Loving the advent calendar!

  5. Good luck on your recovery from your surgery. I'm sure once you're all healed, you will relish the "new you"! It will all have been worth it. Love your little advent calendar too.