{ end of another year }

Another school year that is.
 My young man, Jon is now a real Senior in High School.  Oh my goodness is it going to get busy now. 
Jack is sad to leave 3rd grade as he loves his teacher- Mrs Altman.

But he is excited to see what will happen next year.

Sophie is just excited school is out and wonders about next year.

So, it is time to enjoy the summer and worry about school in a mere 5 weeks when our year round calendar starts back up..till then...bring on the fun.   CANNON BALL !!!

what's on your summer agenda?


  1. Happy Summer Tammy! My sister-in-law sure misses the year round school calendar. I wish it was an option here! Senior year will fly by, but don't they all any more?

  2. Like I always say: when you're a mom, the days are long but the years are short.
    Hope to catch up with you at a show or on one of my trips around NC, looking for another booth to rent!