{ A bust...totally }

Slang definition of bust:  

bust    Featured Word


an event with a displeasing outcome. 
That show was a bust.
Yep our show at Olde Tyme Marketplace's SUNDAY at the MARKETPLACE was just that- a bust. 
It takes us 2 hours to get there then we have set up and unload.  It was soooo hot. I mean blazing hot.
And it was not crowded at all- hardly any shoppers at all.  Not sure why.  The last time we did a show there we were freezing and it rained bucket loads.  
Vendors have told us that the previous show was amazing.  Maybe it is just us. Don't know. 
I think we are just not meant to do this one.  
I did make $15 to cover the booth space and my daughter did spend about $30 on stuff so I guess we were less than a bust - a negative bust :)
Oh well, I am home now in the air conditioning and am a happy camper.  

Here are some promised photos..enjoy.

 See that sweat..yep that is hot man.  Very freakin' hot. 


 She had wonderful sweets - if only I weren't a diabetic..but alas I ate salad.  :)

This next booth was my FAVE.. I adored everything in it.  They were a great creative couple.  

 Check out the AMERICANA. 
And the birdhouses were to die for. 

 This was a wonderful idea..
just simple lace attached to the frames to hold jewelry.  So simple but so beautiful.

 This couple were smart.  They set up near the lamp post which had an electrical outlet- 
Can you say  - plug in fans?  oh yeah. 

  This man does some amazing cane reconstruction. 
Wish I'd brought my messed up chair. 

 Our neighbor- she was a lovely lady.  She has been in this business for years..
Lots of knowledge we gleaned from her. 

Then you have us..yes a bit sparse this time.  We  sold all our big ticket items at Cameron. 

 There is my helper- little me - better known as Sophie.  

 Loved the shutters and the bike the best. 

 This was Shabby Jen..she does some amazing work on clothing.  I enjoyed seeing her creativity. 

 Ok in this booth my fave was the rusty chicken wire behind the man in the black shirt.
I could see it made into a wire cloche with an adorable glass door knob on the top..
Just saying. 

And lastly - the nursery that brings all the plants..

These were huge and cheap. 
Like $1 cheap.  But I only brought back a few- why you ask?
Because I didn't sell anything so there was no room.  
boo hoo

What did we bring back?
Well Sophie bought herself a cute hat from our FAVE vendor above.

 what did you do today?


  1. Even though it was hot there were some neat things there along with you! Loved those birdhouses and frames too!

  2. I really wanted to come to shop but it is over 2 hours for me and I knew it would be so hot I wouldn't really get to enjoy it. I thank you for sharing the photos.....next best thing to being there. Better luck next time.....it gets better....surely.

  3. Now I am wonering if I should even attempt it again...

  4. We always do well
    The heat seemed to keep customers away
    We use the show more for networking
    We have made AWESOME connections that have lead to bigger things

  5. @Joey

    Yep I guess if you are closer as you are but to drive 2 hours to get there and even rent a trailer - that is a lot of money put out in gas and such. It is a great show- I enjoyed the vendors- well most :) and wanted to buy some stuff.
    It is a learning experience- it is just not a venue for my stuff that is all. Live and learn I guess.

    But I'll be back to shop :)

  6. @Kirby Dunton Carespodi

    Kirby I would try again- you seem to have the stuff that does well there. I think it was just me. I had lots of people ask where my shop was- guess they want to shop with me but in a shop environment :)

  7. Cabin Creek AntiquesJune 25, 2012 at 7:19 AM

    Thanks so much for your kind comments, I am sorry the show did not go well for you. I loved your stuff!! Would have bought a couple of things if the hubby were not there and we are really watching our budget these days. (He is a general contractor that USED to build houses-enough said) Hope to see you again at a future show, we have had shows where we blew it out one week and the next barely covered our space rent-who knows? Take care- Cindy (Cabin Creek Antiques)

  8. bummer for you! looks like you had some fab stuff out!! So what tricks did you learn from your neighbor who'd been in the business for so long? Lessons learned?