White Wednesday

Today is White Wednesday at Faded Charm. 
 I love to look at all the wonderful neutral items that are shared.
Here is a pillow I bought at Olde Tyme Marketplace on my last trip there.  I usually don't buy such things as I can sew them myself but this one was from an old feed sack and the wording was - well - just me. 

You should really go over to Beth's blog- Olde Tyme Marketplace and check out all the lovely items. 
 She has an etsy store also.  And if you are anywhere close to Charlotte, NC she has amazing booths at the Sleepy Poet and at Gibson Mills.  All that and a store of her own in Marshville.  
HOW does she do it all? 
 I haven't a clue.
I am participating in her show- Sunday at the Marketplace on April 22 so you know I'll take lots of pictures to share with you then.  

Now go take a look at all the other participants in White Wednesday.

And don't forget about our Novica giveaway.
Have you chosen what you'd buy? 
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  1. I love the pillow too. I also love you letters in front of the mirror. Thanks for sharing.