{ spring intersession }

I'm back.
 I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments, well wishes and prayers for our family while hubby is gone. 

 During my blogging break we had intersession so fun was had by all. 
Jack had his first sleepover. 
Yep, all night long video gaming. 

The kids went skating with daddy and their dog, Boone. 

Sophie was able to play with her friend Hagan.  
Hagan was having her spring break - what made this so cool was she was on break from Alaska.  

Can you tell they played hard? 

Then the last bit of fun before school was 
Who would have thought bunk beds could be so much fun? 

 Fountains all the time.

 A bit of brother and sister bonding time.

 Time to go home - she's wiped out. 

A blast was had by all.  
Now I'm back to getting ready for my show.
April 22 - SUNDAY at the MARKETPLACE, being thrown by none other than Beth at 
Stop by if you can.  

Thanks- its good to be back and I'll be sharing all the stuff I've been working on while I was on break.

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  1. Hi Tammy...so glad you had a good break!
    The kids look like that had a blast!