don't cheat and use paint markers...

I did.  
I admit it.  
I tried to go the easy route and use paint markers.  
Because painting lettering take so long with a brush.  First you have to draw it on there and then paint it.  But I will never make that mistake again.  
Because when it is all said and done- it looks like a child used markers.  And that is not the look I envisioned for any piece of furniture I was doing.
I wanted to use this graphic from the Graphics Fairy:
and I wanted to put it on a round pedestal coffee table. 
Well I did and it looked horrible.  Take a look:

The letters came out okay but the outside design just looked like it was scribbled with marker.  Ugh.  
Well I did a white wash over it to see if that would soften it some but it still screamed
 I broke out the white paint and covered it with coat one of probably three to cover that dark paint. 

Lesson learned- don't take the easy way out as it ends up being the hard way.
And easy usually looks bad when it comes to painting. 
Darn those evil paint markers now its- back to the beginning.


  1. Oh Tammy! Are you going to repaint it then? Is that how you did that dresser - with a stencil too?

  2. Love the idea but you are right-the design is wonky-letters look good though. Sorry you have to start all over again-I feel your pain!


  3. Oh that is so frustrating. I think we have all been there, done that but it sure isn't fun when it's happening.

  4. Oh I agree!!!
    Not that your table looks bad, but that the paint markers are lacking in that more professional look.
    I am not sure what paint markers are supposed to be used for...Nail polish maybe???

  5. Looks like we both posted about lessons learned today! I'm following you both ways too. Love your blog. I'm coveting Fisher and your daughter is a doll!


  6. Too funny! I just experienced this same thing this week! I downloaded a graphic from Graphic Fairy and since I don't have a steady hand for the fine detail and I had the two year old jumping on me while trying to paint can imagine how it looked! Curse those paint markers...never again! Besides it looking like a marker, the dang thing kept exploding extra paint everywhere. I had to redo the whole thing!

  7. I think it looks good in the picture. Sorry, I know just how you feel!

  8. I've never tried paint pens, and now I won't. It actually doesn't look bad in the picture to me. But if you're not happy, that's what counts! Have a great day.

  9. It doesn't look bad in the picture. But I have never had luck with paint pens either. Good luck with the recovering. I did a stupid boo boo today too...I used a dark wax on a chair I wanted to stay a crisp white. Now I have to repaint part of the arm where I put the wax on.

  10. I've never used the paint markers before. I'll heed your advice though just in case! I like how your table turned out though. Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself and the thoughtful comment too.

  11. Oh I'm so sorry it didn't turn out and you must start again! But I know it will look lovely when it is completed! New LINKY friend!!

  12. at least you can paint over it - i know it's a waste of time, but paint is easy like that. Good luck next time - great idea on the table.

  13. I too own the evil paint pens (need to toss those suckers)! Although I have to say, it looks good (even with your oops. Glad to have found you and your amazing makeovers! New GFC and Linky follower.