Drama- at what cost?

I have been putting up scheduled posts as there has been a lot of drama going on here.
We have a bike race that has been held the past 4-5 years in our downtown.  It closes off the roads for a Sunday. Every year the owner of the Antique store and now the newly opened place where I have a booth - gets very upset and fights the race with city council.  He speaks a lot of half truths to the paper and won't compromise on anything.  This year proved to be no different.  But even though I am a vendor there I did not support his stance.  I felt that even though the streets were closed on one Sunday out of the year it was a good thing as it brought tons of new people to our downtown that could possibly come back and shop later upon discovering it. I strongly feel that any good publicity for a small town is awesome.  And anytime you can lure people down to appreciate and discover it is a wonderful thing.  Yes sales might have been lost that one day but the overall good outweighs that. 

Well the city council agreed with my and other opinions and the race will continue for 5 more years without this yearly drama playing out in the papers and such. 
I on the other hand will not play out in the downtown.  
The owner of the place where I have my space does not feel that the vendors are entitled to their own opinion.  That we do not live in a free country where we are entitled to freedom of speech.  He has since this started blocked me from the business face book page thus not permitting me to promote my business, he has refused to answer any of my questions I sent them via email to him and general management about a newly instilled lay away plan.  And as of this morning he has told me to vacate my space by February 23.  

Really I am appalled, I am one of the better sales vendors there, I am consistent in my sales, my space is always full- not so much now but we did just come off of Christmas and I am playing catch up.  I also have volunteered there for hours to decorate, help for open house.  But all that means nothing because I supported an event that my family participates in every year which directly opposed his opinion. 

So, I have been dealing with all of this and my blog has paid the price for it.  For that I apologize. 
I will be busy getting tons of furniture painted for the upcoming 3 shows I have and now I will have to come up with time to dismantle the booth that we spend so much time building to make the colony look good.

Sad place that sends me packing because I have a difference of opinion- ironic though that my husband works for the military that affords him the right to treat me this way.  But then again- he fought the closing of streets for a Military Appreciation Parade also..so it shouldn't surprise me at all.

So, I will be busy taking this :

back to this:



  1. wow- that is so sad that people can be so ugly and bitter... i agree with your stance 100 percent and you know what they say... when one door closes, another one opens. there is something better for you on the horizon.

  2. I support you 100+%!! When you receive wonderful customer service you tell a few friends... when you receive horrible customer service, you tell every single soul who will listen. And now we all will be telling everyone we know about his inexcusable actions and how he really feel about the military. God Bless you & yours. Your future is bright! I can feel it! Hugs.

  3. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with such an unhappy individual :( You are better off though not having your business associated in any way with him.


  4. God doesn't allow any storm that will keep us from out destiny. That is what a minister said just yesterday. I'm sure he has a bigger and better plan for you and your business. I agree that the event would bring good business to your downtown. If they like the look and feel of a place, they will come back to patron it. I think I would find a way to make sure everyone knew how much the owner of this business was against the fun on the day of the event. Maybe he would see that it hurt his business and the next time something like this comes up, he would be supportive rather than negative. I hope you enjoy the special event when it comes around, and I will pray for everything to work out with your business. I know there is something bigger and better coming your way.

  5. Aw Tammy! You just be YOU and never mind anybody else. You'll find a much better place, I'm sure. I wish I could come down and give you a hand but oh well, I'm behind you here in blogland - be strong girl.

  6. I've commented on your FB page already, but after reading a bit more detail about this, I have to say that I would definitely tell them good riddance and get my booth dismantled immediately. There is no way I would give this guy another percentage of my sales with an attitude like that. Just remember that saying about when one door closes.... :-)

  7. I am so sorry to hear this Tammy. It's awful that someone's opinions have to over rule someone else's life. I hope you are able to move on and find a place that is safe, fun and profitable for you. *hugs*.

  8. Sorry you have to move , I know it's hard work. You do have the right to speak freely. I really don't understand because at the place I have a booth, we look forward to closing the street. This is a business opportunity. Lots of people discover we are here. Not a very good business person. You will find somewhere better! judy

  9. I have dealt with my own kind of drama at a antique mall so I know how frustrating it can be. I am sure you will be successful wherever you end up. Some people are just too stubborn to see any way but theirs and in the end they are the ones who end up suffering.

  10. If those walls are painted tan, I would paint them back that ugly purple! ;) he's a jerk and will pay later!

  11. Tammy,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you've had to go through this! It must be stressful... I'm so glad that you'll the shows to look forward to and hopefully another door will open soon! I went through a situation where I had a booth once and it was drama... sure enough, when that door closed, a better one opened!


  12. You were right to voice your opinion. He was wrong to try and be the "voice" of the mall. I think this may turn out to be a good thing for you. Staying there would have only led to more drama and it sounds like he's gonna be cutting his own nose off to spite his face. In the long run...he may not have any vendors at all.
    Just look at it as God's way of handling a situation and I bet you find a much happier place to sell.
    Good luck.
    P.S. Tell your husband I for one appreciate the military and everything they do.

  13. I pray that all of the vendors if they can dump this piece of evil and you all can find a new place to sell your wares. GOOD FOR YOU sticking up for what is right (our little town goes through this every year as well with a couple of functions that close off the main road) and THANK YOU to your husband for all he does to keep our country safe. God bless you both!

  14. WHat the heck???!! Girl....run.....run fast and GET OUT OF THERE!!! Sounds like it should be called The Dictator Antique Mall....where you do what I say....and buy what I say and like it! What a bunch of baloney (and not the good kind of baloney...the cheap kind that's only like .99 cents a package and you don't recognize the ingredients..) This guy has serious issues and if you stayed any longer,the drama would have just come in a different form. Seriously, anybody who objects to closing the streets for a MILITARY APPRECIATION PARADE needs to reevaluate why he has the ability to be able to even be in business in the first place!
    Move on......Move UP (just look forward to Sunday at the Marketplace!!!)

  15. Bravo to you!!
    I am on your side and believe that something better is right around the corner!

  16. Stand tall. The person he hurts the most is himself. You will find a place better suited for you and for sales. Hang in there. Love

    c l vint

  17. He is mean one. Kinda like the Grinch. I think you would have not been happy working under someone like that anyway. I am sorry your poured so much love and work into that place, but bigger and better things are waiting for you somewhere.

  18. I'm so sorry you lost your space. :( Hope something else pops up for you though. you're so talented!

  19. Tammy,
    I'm sorry to hear that you are taking down you beautiful booth. I have always loved looking at photos of your booth and will miss seeing them! Good luck in your next adventures! :)