Tree all pretty-i-fied

Now in retail you know you have to decorate early and really push the holiday.
I have tons of spindle trees for sale in the booth.  I loaned a 10 foot tree for the store to use in the window but as I put up multiple trees at home I figured my booth space deserved the same touch. 
So, off to wally world for a cheap unlit tree.  No cords to deal with and  smaller for the space.
I made the drop cloth tree skirt for her (am making some bigger ones out of burlap to sell), I also made her some book page garland to add some light color and texture.  Then I hung all my glittery ornaments to shine. 
I think she looks rather nice.

She's not too full so as more ornaments get finished I can keep added them on. 
What do you think?  Is she missing something?



  1. I don't think she's missing a thing except do you have something on the top like a star or an angel?? It's lovely Tammy, you've done a beautiful job! Also, did you make your tree skirt?

  2. @Inspire Me Heather Yep I made the are right she has no topper. Gonna have to work on that this weekend..thanks Heather.

  3. I was thinking the same thing- maybe a little topper on the tree. Love that tree skirt!

  4. I love that garland and tree skirt. Beautiful!


  5. Love the garland! She's lovely! I may be strange but I kinda like no topper.

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