Top Ten of 2011 number 3 & 4

Onto number three and four of my 2011 favorites.

April 2011
These were when I started creating a soft line to go with the furniture I sell.  I adore sewing just not all the time.  And I made many of these tote bags and loved them all.
I guess everyone else did as they sold out at my Cameron Spring Show.
You can read about them here.
May 2011
 My favorite in May is always the spring show in Cameron.  I adore the show. It is a lot of work but just like having a baby - you forget about that once it is over and start planning the next one.  Read about it and see more pictures here.

see you tomorrow for number 5&6.

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  1. Those totes are fabulous! Thanks for taking part in my poll/post about magazines!