{kids and santa}

Up until this year we have no photos of the youngest two with any holiday characters. 
They have always been terrified of costumed people- 
be it Monkey Joes or Chuckie Cheese - they don't like them.
We went to look at the lights at the local nursery and Santa was there.  
Just like every other year, I asked," do you want to go see Santa? " .  
But to my surprise, Sophie said - " I'll try". 
 So proud of them.  I just wonder what crazy things they asked for. 

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  1. Aw! You didn't listen as to what they asked for?? Ours asked for an outside building set. um.. wha?? He didn't say anything though when he was opening the pressies, thankfully he was so happy with what he got! Do you really have a Chuck E. Cheese there? We had one where we grew up but there aren't any more around here...