{eat in area Christmas decor}

I had big plans on getting a lot decorated this year but then with the booth and kids - well that all changed. 
I decided to do "less is more".  
And I have to say I am enjoying the small displays that just shine on their own without any over the top, elaborate scheme.
Our small eat-in area off the kitchen has so much light that I just wanted something small and simple.

I thought just a stick in my champagne bucket and put something on it...hmmm what?
Then I received the most amazing gift in the mail from my Canadian friend Heather from Inspire Me Heather. We met on the Cottage Living boards that then switched over to Cottages and Bungalows boards. We have sent gifts and surprises to each other for a couple of years.  This year she sent me a bag of miniature vintage mercury glass ornaments.  
And they are just what my little stick needed.
 Aren't they just adorable? 
Thanks Heather so much- I love them.

Now the stick, limb, twig whatever you call it- was from a dead dogwood.  
I just sprayed it with some white paint to lighten it up.  
Stuffed it in a piece of Styrofoam and covered it with some burlap.
All and all - simple.
Just what I was going for.
Are you decorating simple this year?


  1. Yay, I love it!! It looks so cute too!! Did you know that the dogwood it the official floral emblem of British Columbia?? So you really do have a Canadian tree/decor thing going on there. Dang it though if I was there we'd take that little tree out and put some champagne in that champagne bucket (tee hee hee).

  2. Less *is* more. So lovely!


  3. Less is so very Stylish! Love it.

  4. Your sticks look fab! also loving your dining room :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. it seems all of my favorite bloggers are going for simple this year.
    I too have opted for simplicity in our home. I just want more time spent with family and friends than worried about the over the top decor.
    happy holidays

  6. Hey, Tammy! Thanks for following my blog. Perhaps we could share "space" ideas, unless of course, we're competing with each other. ;)
    Fondly, Tami

  7. I love your little tree with those great mercury ornaments. I am loving simple this year. Simple can also be elegant.

    Blessings. Amy

  8. If simple means I have a tatty rescued flea market tree with burlap wrapped limbs and a handmade garland and that's it, then yes, I must be going for simple since that is all the decor I have up at the moment! Wish I'd thought of a twig, more simple and it looks so beautifully elegant. I love that tiny nook, so cozy! Have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Wow! I am loving everything you do! I'm heading over to check out your shop now :)