Halloween 2011

Well we started the day with school  Since we are no longer allowed it seems in American schools to celebrate Halloween..ridiculous if you ask me- Sophie wore the Halloween clothes we had amassed.
 Then we got ready for the real event..trick or treating.

Then the rain started.  It was already cold but we didn't need the rain.  
All in all it was fine by 6pm.
And the witch came out.

Her Aunt also came wearing her witch outfit.  Though no one got to see it after she arrived as she spent the evening sitting on the porch in her jacket and covered with a down throw..sad right?

Jack could not make up his mind..go with the werewolf or the skeleton?

 The skeleton won out. 

It was a great night-. lots of kids came to the house.  We scared most and made some cry.
We ran out of candy which means it was busy.
Now, how do we top it next year? hmmmm

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