Glitter letters

I have to say, I waited too long to follow Marian of Miss Mustard Seeds advice.
Yes she is all knowing and totally right.  
German Glass Glitter is the only glitter you should ever use. 
I have used the store brand.  I have even popped for Martha Glitter but all of those pale in comparison to the real deal.  They don't even come in the same ball park.
I took Marian's advice and ordered some from Meyers Imports and I will never go back.
I did some letter magnets - all from Miss Mustard Seeds inspiration.  I kind of used the letters I had and also did some bird and snowflake ornaments.  I love it.

Don't mind the nasty table they are on- that dear table sees all my crafting messes.

What a glorious glittery mess. 

And I have to say- I was the bus driver of the bus- "I hate glitter and wont' work with it ever"  I used to look at my kids preschool art projects with glitter in the driveway and then put them in the trash as I didn't want the crud reproducing all over my house.
I have been converted people..I am now a glitter fiend. 

all thanks to Marian.

what do you glitter?


  1. I've still not tried the German glass glitter yet, but everyone raves about it! I think these letters & birds will be a huge hit, Tammy. HUGE! :)
    Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Funny when I was a preschool teacher we never used glitter just because I couldn't stand it, but I have converted to using glitter now too! Haven't tried the German glass glitter yet just because of the expense but I want to. Do you mix 2 colors like she does? And the other day when taking a class one of the people in the class called it craft herpes! I thought that was funny! I hope you letters sell well. How is your booth going?

  3. It is just such a wonderful glitter,
    definitely more sparkle and that tarnish, oh it just is so beautiful
    but I still use some of the cheapies when I want large amounts and chunky glitter.
    I tend to use the german glitter glass on more delicate and special pieces.
    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving
    Happy Holidays to come

  4. Gorgeous! I knew I could convert you. :) It was so great hanging out with you and your mom today. Thanks so much for the pumpkins!

    Miss Mustard Seed

  5. Hi Tammy,

    I really enjoyed meeting you and your mom yesterday! I love your are so talented! I can't wait to meet up again someday.


  6. Lovely! I just used my German glass glitter from Meyer Imports for the first time a few weeks ago. I used the white to accent sea foam on some pictures!

  7. Hi,

    I just found your blog - and I had to tell you how beautiful your creations are! I'm not terribly crafty myself, but I just loved the idea of those gorgeous glittery magnetic letters. Thanks for inspiring someone - like me - who doesn't have a lot of time to craft, but might just try something like this project. :)

    Christina (the Happy Slob)

  8. Ha! I agree. I LOVED glittering everything with the glass glitter I got from MI. I'm hooked.