following in her mommy's footsteps

My little girl has sold her first craft piece and her second and third.  
She is always working in my studio with me.  And she and her aunt came up with an idea of things to sell that she could do.  She and I sat down Sunday to work on them.  
She painted them and came up with the whole idea of how to do it.  
I merely did the hot glue gun.  And I have the huge burn blister on my finger that proved to her she at the age of 6 is not old enough to tackle the glue gun. 
Take a look at her blog to see her creations.  
She is showing her logo today and will share her creations tomorrow.  
I couldn't be prouder of my mini me. 
Love her so much.
Here's to my partner in crafting:  
check our her blog here:


  1. That is so sweet- just like mommy. She's probably learning from you everyday- lucky her- lucky you!

  2. WOW~ blogging at 6! My girls have always crafted along side of me too and i just love it! MY 13 year old just sewed herself a pillow to match the pajama pants that she will make in lifeskills class, and if I am making whatever it may be at the time, she is usually working on a project too. My 24 year old did the same thing and now her home is full of her special touch. My two older boys are thrifters but not so much in the crafty way but we are working on my 7 year old, so far so good, he will sit with us and play...especially with clay! I will head over to see your little girls creations! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your sweet comment, I was thrilled to read that I inspired you to get going again, but you didn't need much i wouldn't think, your creations are wonderful! Happy Crafting! t.xoxoox