a ruffled book page garland

Well I am always inspired by the blog world.  By all the new friends I meet and their creativity.  I have a great friend who I have never met- well not yet.  Hopefully some day we will. She first inspired me to use doll parts in displays.   My neighbor found some old dolls in pieces in one of his dumpster dives and thought of me- how sweet. 
I cleaned them up and now they are my fave Halloween decoration. I put them in a large lidded jar.  They creep other people out but not me.  They make me smile- warped I know.
But Amy of Vintage Market Place will do that to you.  She thinks so far out of the box that it amazes me at all the items she creates.  Check out her blog and etsy store.
She has been making and selling her version of the book page garlands for some time now.
I thought I'd try it one day as I was getting frustrated with some fabric craft.  
I whipped up two small ones to decorate my tree in my booth.
I have to tell you - it was so much easier than a fabric project and a nice break from those. 
Here it is on the tree:
Amy's are so much better - please stop by her blog- Vintage Market Place
or her etsy store - Vintage Market Place, etsy
and go buy yourself one of hers.



  1. Hi Tammy! Again such a clever idea- love the book garland!

    Check out my blog for another clever idea using an old mailbox as a kitchen trash can...


  2. My sister sent me a link to your blog just to see this charming garland! Love it. :)