A great band from NC..

This band was referred to me from a friend who crafts with us at the colony.  Her nephew is in it..
It is quite a haunting song..love the melody and the amazing harmony.  
I am really getting into more folk music as it shows the voices and instruments so much more than other music.  
Don't get me wrong still love country this is just a new source for me to explore and enjoy.

Deep Chatham with Madeline



  1. The lead singer has such an interesting "want to listen to more" voice. I really liked this- I've always it's a wonderful gift to sing.

  2. Sorry about that... I meant to say, "I've always thought it's a wonderful gift to sing."

  3. Hi First post here, great blog. I'm a classical music and jazz fan. I've never cared for country. Having said that, this song and group really drew me in. It's a mix of folk with a cleaner, more modern slant. Really,really good. A talented group of guys. I'm checking them out on itunes. Thanks