Autumn table decor- table runners

You have big meals with family happening soon. 
 They may be just chili or stew or it may be the mother of all meals- Thanksgiving.  Wouldn't you like your table to be all decked out for the season?  A long beautiful table runner out of burlap is just what that table needs.  Burlap is what people think of in Autumn.  It has that texture that reminds us of pumpkins, straw bales and scarecrows.  But we have taken it a bit farther- we have added ruffles to the ends.  
Rustic with a bit of elegance.  And your table needs this.  See how it looks?  The ruffles just add the right finishing touch on the ends - quite unexpected of such a textile.
They are available in traditional tan burlap.  

And in cream burlap.

They come in various sizes to accommodate many tables. 
Be sure to stop in the booth and take a peek.

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