Never forget and always be proud.

 We will never forget nor should we. 
What happened 10 years ago seems so fresh not like a decade ago.
We were knocked down, but as Americans do we stood up and took charge.
Nothing can be done to bring back all those lost by the huge devastation. 
But as Americans we owe them our lasting respect, honor and remembrance to make their loss never be diminished.  Time may past but their actions should always be in the forefront of our minds.  
Take time this weekend to remember, to mourn, to thank someone still serving.  
Take time to be a proud American.

From wife of one still serving.
Thanks for all you do. 


  1. Yes, Thank you!!!
    This day is still so tender in our souls and minds
    it does not seem like 10 years ago at all.
    This day is hard around here, it is my husband bday as well.
    We just can't bring ourselves to celebrate on such a somber day.

    PS, the grain sack curtains have made an appearance today on my blog :)

  2. Thank you. God Bless. Always & Forever...

  3. I have a nephew serving and love and appreciate him so much for the sacrifices he and all the others serving in our military make for us every day. Out of all of the images to commemorate this day, I just realized we chose the same one... such strong sentiment in that one picture... Tell your husband we all said Thank You.