a chair

Simply put this is a chair.  I bought a set of 4 chairs and a pedestal dining table only to find when I got home that 2 of the chairs were broken and upon painting this one I realized the other one was "fixed" in a bad way.  So, I have the lonely chair and a kick in the butt to pay closer attention from here on out. 
And after some lovely Annie Sloan paint:
 I mean can you go wrong with this blue?  I think not. 
It is headed to the Cameron Street Fair in 24 days. 
until then, tammy


  1. Oh no! I have done that before too. Couldnt you just kick yourself. Lol. But it is the rush of finding a great piece that gets us starry eyed.
    I love that color of blue!!
    It turned out amazing tammy!

  2. How sad that the other chairs were a miss, but this on really looks fab. What a wonderful thing paint is. Love that blue color, great choice!