Pile full of pumpkins

I did it. 
I can say "I am done". 
I spent the last few days cutting, sewing and stuffing pumpkins.  Today I spent the day putting finishing touches on them, photographing them, tagging them, pricing them and finally- boxing them up for the show in October. 
I have to say they certainly put me in the mood for Autumn. 
I made six sizes: Jumbo, large, medium, tall&skinny, small and tiny.
Many different patterns from classic to contemporary and many textures from flat to very plush.  
I didn't do any cream or white ones this year..might do some later.
 What do you think of them? 

 Did I mention I made over 40 of them?
  Yeah onto doing tote bags tomorrow along with house cleaning. 
thanks, tammy


    My fave is the swirling orange pattern!!!!
    Oh you will sell out of these in a heartbeat!!!!!

  2. That is a lot of pumpkins - unique, great for decorations. BIG job. Bet they 'fly'.

  3. Wow!! They all turned out amazing- they'll go in a flash!

  4. They are fabulous Tammy!! I saw leopard print in there....yummo! :)

  5. wow..they're awesome! i just LOVE them! you put a whole new spin on them ....love...love!

  6. Love your pumpkins! The ribbons and curling wire finish them perfectly. I would get started on things for Fall but it just started feeling like summer here so I don't want to rush things. I am sure I will be sorry later.

  7. Tammy, they are adorable! Does working on fall make it not seem so hot? Keep up the good work!

  8. These are fantastic!!! I'm anxious for the season, it's coming quickly this year. hugs ~lynne~

  9. hey Tammy, these are sooo cute! I have decided to do a craft show coming up in a month. Would you be willing to share any info about these with me? Send me an email if you are willing and I'll ask you a couple of questions about them. thanks!