Booth update

A quick update on the booth space...I have been very busy making and creating and painting and well just getting through the everyday stuff.
Here is the space as we rented it:

 Yes I know the wall color is divine isn't it?  Seriously what the heck was the previous store thinking with that combo?  Ick  And the commercial carpet ?  Well going to have to deal with it till I come up with a cheap- good looking alternative.
But here is the space after my sister and I painted it a neutral color:
Tomorrow morning we head in to construct the booth structure.  It will be just the beginnings as it will need more tweaking but I will share that with you tomorrow.
This will be a busy week of tweaking, loading stuff in, and then foofing it all to be my style.

see ya later with updates.


  1. Good luck and congratulations! I know you will do well Tammy! ~Elizabeth

  2. oh how dark and icky.
    So glad you got to paint it.
    Can't wait to see the new space.

  3. I hope you're not going to put anything on that storage rack!!! Yikes on the colour, eh? Soooo much better now! Can't wait to see it all foofed...