jammed up?

This is a bit of what we did over the weekend?  
Freezer strawberry jam...it is yummy.
What fun things did you do?


  1. i have never heard of making it in the freezer! wow!
    i love fresh strawberry jam and strawberry pie is my absolute favorite. o rmaybe lemon merinque. :)

  2. mmm that looks delish...I love your little chalkboard thingy - so rustic and yummy. Share your freezer jam recipe? mmmm!


  3. Hi Tammy!
    My mother in law used to make that jam ~ it was my family's favorite!! She's been gone for almost 9 years and while having some from friends now and then it wasn't the same. I remember how excited my kids got when she send it over when they were little.
    Thanks for the memory!!