So proud of my kids

Thank you so much to all of my blogging friends who are sending out tons of prayers our way.  It is wonderful how you are there when we need you.
My community is blowing my mind right now. 
There are three groups that have started face book groups to serve all these tornado victims and it is amazing the out pour of support. 
I said to a friend that communities usually come back stronger from events like this and that it is times like this that put 
"neighbor" back in "neighborhood".

All of this hasn't been lost on my two youngest either.  They heard that yesterday a pocket of people were found and the children had not eaten since Saturday.  That really made them sad.  They said we need to do something. And we did.  We went through all our closets and made a huge pile to donate so these kids would have clothing.  
They went through their toys to give these children some hope.  
And today we went to the town north of us and we bought diapers, wipes, food, water, personal hygiene items and we bought items for Easter Baskets.  There is a group that decided these kids have lost everything and their innocence and childhood should not be one of them. 
So, we are making baskets for all these children so they are happy on Easter. My kids were so worried that the Easter Bunny wouldn't know where to find the children so we made 10 baskets..
Getting that assembly line ready to go:
 Next comes the grass:

 Now lets start loading them up:
 Here are our finished baskets:
Gotta say it again- 
I am so proud of these two..


  1. Oh my!!! You have just the sweetest kids!!! Those kids will love those baskets!

    Praying for your town and NC!

  2. So heart warming- and something your kids will remember forever!!!

  3. Awwww, how sweet your kids are! That's such a nice thing for you to do, I'm sure you'll make some people very happy during a horrible time:(

  4. Tammy, these are the kind of lessons that will stay with them a lifetime! Kuddos for them and to you!

  5. I am proud of them and their Mom who raised them right!!

  6. I second what a Cottage Muse said. You are a beautiful example of what all mothers should be. And your kiddos have amazing hearts!