Done - kinda.

Well here are the shots and it is done kinda. 
I still need some window treatments I think but maybe not as I love the sunlight. 
Here are the before shots:
Remember it was a mud room and always messy which drove me crazy.  We have since moved all this backpack mess to the laundry room where it can't be seen by anyone who enters the house.  Also moved the kids and dads computer around to the other room which was doing nothing.
 And here is the lovely after:

 Now that we have a table that seats 6 (our family size) I am wondering if we need the other table in the dining room or if we really need the dining room at all.  

A close up of the lavender on the table..yes it is fake from Hobby Lobby. I wish I had real but there is none available around here right now. 
 Here is the kinda part...the back door.  We are going to convert it into a dutch door but what I need help with is the color.  I lean more towards neutrals but then again a dutch door is fun so should be a fun color.  Any inputs?  
 The ever stylish teen age son in my house now says the cup of cocoa paint on the upper walls looks bad.  He actually said, "it makes the room look unfinished".  I am leaning towards either a soft gray or another tint of white.  Whatcha think?  
And do you notice my lovely chairs I paid a woman to finish when we bought them from the unfinished furniture store are now a bit too off white for the table and the room. 
Ahh yes another project for when it warms up..spray all those chairs white.  What is it they say about a project- one step forward and ten back.

So, to recap..Walls are done except for uppers- what color?
Door needs to be converted to dutch and painted- what color? 

And then later we will bead board the ceiling or at least add some crown. 
Off to the next project: the back hallway from the new eat in area to the stairway.

It is going to get the same wall treatment and all the doors will go white. 
So, you all have your upper wall ideas left in the comments so I can get it done.

How are your house projects coming along?

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  1. Maybe I mis-understood, but I really like the cup of cocoa color of your walls! I wouldn't change it at all, it makes the room feel warm. And about the door...Great idea to go "dutch", maybe paint it white but then in the square at the bottom do a chalkboard paint. You know, so you can write those last minute notes before they walk thru the door or maybe the menu for the meal! Just ideas! Good luck! Can't wait to see what you end up with!

  2. I don't mind the color on the walls but if you were to put a lighter color on the wall then you could do a pop of color on the door, blue, lavender. It is only paint. I love the peak into the other room, I love the moulding.

  3. awesome!what a great and big change!congrats!

  4. Tammy,
    It looks awesome! I love your table and the wainscoting. I think a softer shade of gray would be pretty but I'm partial to gray. Great use of that space! Dutch doors are so charming. Crazy thing about our house is the previous owners put a dutch door on the guest bath. I kid you not. Our friends crack up everytime they see it. We want to get rid of it. Wish you lived closer. It's not very charming though no windows or anything. Can you imagine... lol! Fun to see the changes your making! Looks great! :) ~M

  5. What an amazing difference - beautiful! Congratulations!!

  6. With all my house projects on hold it is great to see beautiful ones like yours!! Great job!

  7. It looks beautiful Tammy!!! I think a light gray on the upper wall and a lavender dutch door would fun. :)

  8. I guess it would depend on what color you decided to do the upper wall, but for some reason a yellow door screams happy to me. :)

  9. I was thinking a hydrangea blue on the door. I painted the front door of our old home that color{Martha from HD-Hydrangea!!} and loved it!! That said, I am thinking of painting the interior of our kitchen door in our new house yellow, like Trisha above said...As for the wall above, what about a creamy white?? A good friend of mine painted her living room Panda White and it is pretty. Her blog is on my sidebar-A little piece of Heaven.

  10. I think a soft grey would look great but what if you did a soft oatmeal like color would that make the chairs work, all neutral whites and then a curtain with some texture?

  11. This is such a great makeover! Thanks for linking my Flaunt it Friday party. I'm going to feature this tomorrow in my FIF Features, please stop by and grab a button if you'd like. :)

  12. I think a turquoise door would look terrific. I like the wall color , but think light grey would look nice too - no matter what colors you end up with the space is gorgeous- love what you've do ne. Dee

  13. Tammy I love the change. It's beautiful. I'm not so sure I would change the color (unless you intend on painting the adjoining rooms as well). I like what you have there now (if you insist on painting maybe just go a shade or two lighter). Since it's a neutral you can use any accessories you want to bring in color. The tan goes with blues, reds, deep shades of green, lavender, pink, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  14. My jaw is hanging wide open...that is absolutely incredible! What a gorgeous transformation! I absolutely love that you converted that space into something more functional for your family and it is just lovely. I totally think the idea of doing a soft gray on the top would be fabulous and you could play off of that with the dutch door (maybe in the reverse? Gray on bottom and white on top?). Thank you so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week. We hope to see much more of you in the future! :-)

  15. Hi Tammy~ Looks like it is coming along beautifully! I love the wainscot and the door- I think a light gray would be beautiful for your wall too. Stopping by from ATPF party- nice to meet you and now following~ Stop by and say hello sometime! :)

  16. Oh wow, what a great makeover!! I just love a good BEFORE & AFTER project :) The colors are so serene looking and that table is really cute.
    I would love it if you would link this project up to my BEFORE & AFTER link party @ 3 Meadow Lake Cottage!

    You blog is super cute too, by the way!

  17. I love it just the way it is!! WOW! What a change. But, I'm sure I will like it whatever color you choose!

  18. Your little nook is so cozy now!!

    I think the soft grey would look really pretty. The trim makes it look so crisp.

    I have wanted a dutch door since the beginning of time. I totally will not be jealous if you get one before me. ;)

  19. Beautiful transformation! I'm sure this was a lot of work, but I would grin from ear-to-ear, every time I sat here to have a meal. Congrats! -diane

  20. Oh, my goodness, I LOVE it!! Such a beautiful room!
    My vote is for painting the wall white or grey/blue, then you can go with fun pops of color on the door, and even on the chairs if you want. Grey is a neutral, so you can put practically any color next to it, and it looks beautiful. We have Twilight Grey from Behr on our bedroom walls, and I love it!
    I personally am not a big fan of tan/caramel walls. Too overused. I asked my daughter the other day what color the walls of her friends were, and they all had a shade of brown.
    Just have fun, and in the end, don't worry too much about what anyone else thinks. It is your home after all. Do what you love!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  21. Love the room! If anything, I would paint it a softer/lighter shade of what's on the walls. A shade that would bring in the chairs (I like the chairs and wouldn't change them) then you could go with any of the colors that are mentioned for your door.

  22. This looks great! I LOVE the board and batten. Just came across your blog and I'm a new follower.

  23. That was a WOW surprise, from mud room to a stunning dining room.
    - Joy

  24. Hi Tammy, I really love your makeover. The wainscotting is just gorgeous. I'm a cocoa kinda gal, but I also think the gray would look great, Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  25. What an adorable room! Love the board and batten, it makes the room so fresh. No paint suggestions from me since I would need to see the other to look around.


  26. It looks amazing! What a wonderful difference! I think that space is going to be really appreciated now!