under the weather

I am sick in bed. 
And it hurts too much to sit upright or stare at bright computer screens. 
So, I'll be in bed for a couple of days..just didn't want you to think I fell off the map.
Oh and we have a contract on the Ferguson House- projected closing date: March 31st. 
Now back to bed for me.


  1. Oh, I hope you feel much better very soon!!! Rest, rest, rest! Love Laurie from Scene of the Grime

  2. Sick is no fun; hope somebody is taking good care of you and that you'll feel better soon!

  3. Ugghhh, I know that feeling where everything hurts to look at and it's horrible! I hope you feel better soon:)

  4. Get some rest...dreams of that new home will hopefully make you feel better soon!

  5. Congratulations on the contract on the house! So sorry you're sick, it seems to be going around lately. I hope you're feeling better real soon!!


  6. I'm SO excited for you! You will have so much fun making that charming home "yours"!