Getting organized

I like to think of myself as an organized gal.  
My hubby would say a woman with type A - anal in organization - approaching OCD status.  
Well I wave that flag proudly.  
I love lists. I love to check items off when done. 
I love to make a budget and stick to it - or actually do better at it. 
But there are two fields I suck at organizationally and because of it I lose time doing them.  Housework/cleaning and menu planning.  
I know so simple but I just can't wrap my head around it - until now.
I am joining A bowl full of lemons on her weekly challenges..and first up is creating a :

Home Management Binder. 
Do you see that binder of wonderfulness? ( Insert squeals from organized, list- making women everywhere.)
In this binder we will address such items as: 

Monthly cleaning schedules..
yeah I can finally have a clean house in the least amount of wasted time. 
Meal planning.. 
I am so stoked about this. ( I may even start couponing)

Anything to do with lists and budgets I am all over it.
It is not to late to join up- you can be organized for 2011 too..just click on the button and you can start.


  1. You and I are so00oo much alike girl! (on a completely different note, you know that binder you posted here - well, I looked everywhere yesterday for that stencil to paint my drop cloth curtains like that - and that colour brown too... no luck though, might have to make my own stencil..)

  2. @Inspire Me Heather
    It is a binder from walmart..I have them in brown, green, red and I think robin blue..You can make that stencil easy - you are one crafty lady.

  3. Thanks, I'm hoping to win one of those stencils as they are quite popular with the giveaways here in blogland. I tried just using masking tape and spray paint (on a sample) trying to do the criss-cross thang, I dunno.

  4. I'm so looking forward to being organized again when we move into the new house. Can't wait to get all of my stuff out of storage. Although I'm thinking there is a giant garage sale in my future because clearly I don't need all of that stuff, right?