Bokeh party

Tracy over at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures is having a Bokeh party..the next installment in her photography series.  I am trying to play along and I use the word "playing" here.  I tried to do Bokeh on my camera with manual and such but as I have not read my book I will need to learn more before I can handle that.  So, I just used software to work the pictures themselves.cheating I know but it will have to do for now..

So, this weekend I am going to have hubby show me more on the camera...he has had one forever so I guess I can listen to him and learn..arrrghhh I like it when I know more than he does. haha
go join the party - the Bokeh party and see more great photos. 


  1. Gorgeous photos Tammy! It is so much fun playing with the camera isn't it? Thanks for your sweet comment. XO

  2. My bokeh was also done by software!!! It's bokeh either way...and I do love your photos!!!

  3. I like that you used software to create it. Whatever makes you happy with your photos right? I really like the blowing out the candles one. Don't you hate when you have to get instruction from your husband? Thanks for linking up!

  4. I miss my 35mm. It did everything except develop the film.

    Tammy, when you've got it all figured out, I'll be asking for help. 2011 may (may) be the year we buy a new digi camera. I sure hope so!!!

    And see? Your pics are getting better & better every day! These are amazing!!!


  5. Hi Tammy, hope everyone in your house is doing well now. Organization -- yikes! A monthly cleaning schedule is what I need but I just can't seem to stick to anything. I've never even heard the term Bokeh !!!?? And have never played with any of the digital programs. I am lucky to just take pictures and upload them. :) Wishing you a wonderful day, Tammy